Niven Fischer Advantage

Niven Fischer, A Sproule Company has a team of technical, entrepreneurial oil and gas professionals supported by a strong administrative group.  Collectively the Principals and Senior Associates have in excess of 250 years oil and gas experience and many of our key people have successfully built and sold their own oil and gas companies.  Our business model offers our clients a unique opportunity to cost effectively engage quality, well-connected and experienced individuals or a team for all aspects of their business.  Niven Fischer offers an integrated team approach to successfully deliver and resolve all of our client’s requirements and challenges.

When you engage Niven Fischer the key benefits are:

  • Timeliness - sufficient personnel are available to get your project done on time;
  • Quality – experienced professionals with proven track records of success;
  • Integration – an entire oil and gas team is at your disposal;
  • Value –  quality project work at a competitive price;
  • Flexibility – the scope of your project may change or broaden but the diversity of our team allows us to continue to meet your needs;
  • Knowledge – 250 collective years of working the basin;
  • Network – with our experience and connections to energy companies and governments, we can connect you to the right people;
  • Integrity – if we can’t add value, we will not take the project on; and
  • Leverage - our knowledge and skill sets allow you to increase the effectiveness and capacity of your team.