Land Management

Niven Fischer, A Sproule Company provides freehold mineral land owners and lessee operators the opportunity to have their lands actively managed rather than simply administered.

We work with trustees and mineral title owners to:

  • educate the trustee and mineral title owner;
  • draft clear, concise and fair lease agreements that meet the objectives of the owners;
  • negotiate leases that meet the objectives of the owner and lessee;
  • ensure compliance with lease terms;
  • monitor and confirm correct royalty payments;
  • monitor offsets;
  • advise on Unit and production allocations;
  • determine back royalties and compensatory offset payments due; and
  • negotiate and structure settlements for monies owed. 

We work with lessees to:

  • implement and manage electronic land databases;
  • identify title deficiencies, financial obligations and negotiate settlements; 
  • provide drilling opinions;
  • manage and administrate rentals, expiries, land postings/sales, and contractual obligations;
  • draft land and joint venture agreements; and
  • manage the entire A&D process.