Liability Management

Niven Fischer, A Sproule Company provides liability management services to oil and gas operating companies.  With the maturity of the basin, increasing environmental concerns, increasing costs and tougher regulations, all operating companies need to be aware of their abandonment and reclamation costs and regulatory requirements to continue to operate. Establishing a liability management program can maximize company value by ensuring your company proactively manages its liabilities and maintains a "social license" and regulatory license to operate.

Niven Fischer assists operating companies in Western Canada with establishing a liabilty management program through a four step process.

  • Licensee Liability Rating Checkup

Forecasts your Liability Management Ratio ("LMR") and deposit requirements forward two years based on public information.

  • Detailed LLR Assessment

Forecasts your LMR and deposit requirements forward two years based on your company's development and acquisition plans.

  • Design Liability Management Program
    • Review site specific assessments, AER classifications
    • Review suspended wells and area activities to determine recompletion, sale and abandonment candidates
    • Design a liability management program to manage LMR
  • Implement Liability Management Program

Assist with or manage:

    • Abandonment programs and downhole abandonment
    • Surface reclamation, phase 1 and phase 2 assessments