Operations Management

Niven Fischer, A Sproule Company. provides technical support and evaluation services to operating companies in support of engineering projects and exploitation, optimization and exploration projects.  Our technical skill sets include, land, geology, geophysics, production operations, reservoir engineering, drilling and completions, facilities and project management.

  • Evaluating
    • Current production and reserves forecasts
    • Drilling programs, enhanced recovery schemes
    • Operating costs
    • Liability management strategy
    • Growth opportunites
      • Geology, geophysics,land & strategy
  • Operating
    • Production maintenance
    • Recompletions, workovers, drilling, completions, abandonments, facilities
    • Regular maintenance and cost control
    • Adherence to regulatory requirements
  • Optimizing
    • Operating cost audits and potential reductions
    • Reservoir performance
      • Downspacing, waterflood, completion techniques
    • Capital cost reductions